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Tuam RdGalway


COPE Galway

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Job Description:


 An additional emergency accommodation hostel service for single people is operating in Galway City.  This is part of the response to homelessness in Galway City in the context of increased numbers of single people who are homeless in needof accommodation and the COVID-19 pandemic emergency.  This provision will initially operate for the remainder of2020 and up to April 30th2021.  It will incorporate the seasonal Cold Weather Response for the winter period of 2020-21and will also facilitate people who are homeless self-isolating while awaiting COVID-19 testing and results. This service will operatefrom a tourist accommodation setting with capacity to accommodate a minimum of 35 people in single ensuite bedrooms.

 There is a staff team comprising of a mix of social care and ancillary support workers including this role involved in the day to day management and operation of this hostel service.  The focus of the work will be on ensuring that the safe and effective operation of the accommodationin response to the needs of people who are homeless and on supporting people to identify and move onto suitable and secure longer-term accommodation and housing.

Main Purpose of Job:
 To provide onsite evening and night time staffing cover in the emergency accommodation setting; controlling access to the premises, supporting social care workers in assessing and admitting people presenting in need of emergency accommodation and assisting in responding to the needs of those accommodated in the project.  The primary objectives of this role are to contribute to the safeguarding of the welfare and support of those accommodated, the help ensure the safe operation of the service including the supervision of the premises and the surrounding neighbouring area and to work inclose cooperation with and support the social care workers on duty in the evening and night time.   

Duties and Responsibilities

 To supervisethe reception area of the premises and the entry and exit of people to the hostel service in accordance to hostel policies and procedures.

To establish and maintain respectful and professional working relationships with users of the service and any callers or visitors

Conduct regular patrols both internally within the premises and externally of the immediate area surrounding the premises to ensure (a) Safety of clients, (b) Safety of staff, (c) Safety and security of the premises and its property.  This will require you to ensure that all exterior door and windows are secured and alarmed. These patrols take place at regular intervals throughout the evening and night and should focus on fire safety in particular.

To work in accordance with the weekly staff roster issued by the Shift Lead/Manager

To be responsible for checks on and routine cleaning of public areas and toilets within the hostel when in duty.

The contribute to the up-keep and implementation of standards in accordance with quality standards in place

To ensure that all reasonable care is taken for the health and safety of yourself, other employees, clients and any other persons on the premises

To maintain at all times a good working relationship with your fellow workers and Management.

To be flexible with regard to working hours in order to handle any unexpected requirements.To follow instructions from Shift Lead and/or Manager.

To undertake any other duties which may be assigned to the role


The  ideal  candidate  will have  aninterest  in  working  with  people  who  are  homeless  and will  have  a background of having worked in a comparable role in the past.

 Essential Requirements
Basic standard of education and proficiency in written and spoken English Experience:

 of having worked in a similar or comparable role in the past

Understanding of the challenges people who are homeless face in their lives Understanding of a broad range of issues including mental health, addictions and poverty

Core competencies:
Able to act in a professional and respectful manner at all times
Aware of, understand and maintain the appropriate boundaries of the role and responsibilities
Acts in a manner which is mature, responsible, competent and reliable
Demonstrates anability to relate well to clients
Work  co-operatively  with  colleagues  and  assist  in  the  maintenance  of  an  environment  which  fosters effective team working
Open, accountable and transparent in all interactions with colleagues and clientsRemain positive and motivated in the face of setbacks or pressure and seek solutions
Remain calm in difficult situations

Apply before: 20th August 2020.


Permanent / Part-time


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